The Birds and the Bees

It was a particularly, umm, fertile day in my classroom.

My kids have been very chatty and it has been hard to get anything done. During morning meeting, I asked them to please raise their hands if they had something they wanted to say. Many of them raised their hands and blurted out non-sequiters. The discussion ended something like this:

Student A: I’m going to the dentist and I’m still scared.

Student B: Are you having a boy baby or a girl?

Me: I’m having a boy.

Student C: But Ms. M? Where do babies come from?

Me: I think it is time to read the morning message.

Random kids: giggle, chuckle, tee hee hee

(I probably should have said Calif0rnia Cry0bank. That would have been good for a few blank stares.)

Later, as I was walking my class down to recess, I heard an unusual amount of giggling and chuckling. I turned around to find that half of the boys in my class had taken their sweaters, balled them up, and put them under their shirts. “We have babies!” the pregnant boys exclaimed.

On our walk to the public library, half of the class suddenly stopped and encircled something on the sidewalk. When I went to investigate, it seems they found a fledgling, fallen to the sidewalk from its nest. It didn’t make it. “I just feel sorry for that Mama Bird,” was all I could say.

We continued to walk, another one of my students had put his books inside his pullover fleece jacket, holding it like a bag with the neck hole at the bottom. He actually said, “My baby! My baby! Its head is coming out!”

Can this just be spring in the air? Should I leave my belly at home?



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2 responses to “The Birds and the Bees

  1. nethermeade

    I just watched you post! In real time! G’night my friend. Kiss Cakie for me.

  2. That is so sad about that baby bird. Thank you for then making me laugh so hard about leaving your belly at home.

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