Happy Birthday Two…

…my blog.

This is part II of a year-long self-centered retrospective on my TTC/pregnancy journey.  This is the pregnancy part.  I have tell you about these dykemom friends who have two kids about 14 months apart.  They had had trouble getting pregnant.  I remember when the second-to-get-pregnant mom was pregnant and we were hanging out with them in the midst of my TTC.  She said, “You know a year and a half ago when we were trying to get pregnant, it felt like it would never end.  Now we have created this whole family.”  I would think back to that when I hit rough spots in my TTC journey.  I would think…just imagine a year from now.  It helped.  So if you’re still TTC, maybe this will help a little.  I hope.

In December I waited and waited for baby Jo and Nelly’s baby P to be born.  And they were. Nelly turned into a home-birth superstar and is now my default midwife.  I got through my first trimester hump (sort-of).  And I got to see my still-nicknameless fetus– should I call him John Doe?  My honey wouldn’t let me nickname him Pretty Boy.  Why?  Because he’s not a parakeet?  Anyway, I got to see him during my nuchal ultrasound, at which point I decided that he was so pretty, I would use the pronoun, “she.”  Gender, schmender.  It is overrated, I say.

In January, I became a tired sales grrrl in a Brooklyn department store.

In February, I worried.  Because, you know, that’s new!

I think I was a little bored in March.  I mean, my posts were a little boring.  The second trimester is a happy time.  Happy’s not always interesting.  But my little Cakeman did figure out that he’s going to be a big bwother.

This month I wrote this post I like a lot. It is something I think about often, but never expressed in words.

Please… I have left-over cake.  Eat!  Dulce de Leche ice cream?  Bring me your bowl.


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