Well, kids, I don’t have much new to report except that I’ve been sleeping on a chair. My week of vacation is almost over. I don’t feel at all refreshed. On the contrary, I feel pooped. I still have the #$%^&! cough that won’t die. I can’t lay flat, or I start coughing so hard that I almost puke. So, instead of sleeping all snuggled with my honey, I’ve exiled myself to the big reading chair in the living room. I can actually sleep on it. Another plus is that since I am out there with my needy cat, I guess he doesn’t feel so needy and he doesn’t wake me up at 4 am, demanding to be shut into the bathroom and snuggled on the way there. I actually get to sleep until 6. I miss my honey. But I also feel like she’s probably getting more sleep, since I’m not hacking the night away right next to her.

Yesterday was cool because I went to a prenatal yoga class and I was the only one who showed up! It was the first time I had a yoga teacher all to myself. She knew I’ve done yoga for a while, so she did some more difficult poses than we usually tackle in the prenatal class–Warrior three up against a wall! With my big-ass belly! It was fun, but now I’m paying the price. My hips are killing me. I also walked around pretty much all day yesterday. My neighbor claimed that my ankles were swollen. I flat-out disagree. I did, however, put my feet up just in case she was right. I’m sorry, but I’m just not really the take it easy kind of girl. It is not in my bones. For example, right now I’m supposed to be napping. I’m blogging.

Yeah, I just don’t get why I’m still tired. Mysterious. Veeeeery mysterious.

BTW — I updated my blogroll a wee bit.  Don’t be offended if I forgot you.  I pretty much forgot most people.  If you want to be included, let me know.  Also, I don’t know why that photo of the books is in the header of this new theme I’m trying on for size.  I like books, don’t get me wrong.  But I will add an anonymousy Cakie-esque shot to the header soon.


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  1. reproducinggenius

    So sorry you’re still battling the cough! I hate coughs, and I often relegate myself to the living room when I can’t get rid of one. I do hope it goes away quickly!

    I love the new Cakie shot in your header.

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