I’d Like You to Know That This Will Go Down…

….on your permenant record.

Oh, yeah?

Well don’t get so upset!

Did I happen to mention that I’m impressed? –The Violent Femmes

So, yeah. I swear I wasn’t going to have a baby registry. You don’t need one for your second child. We have everything we need, except non-poison-leeching bottles, tiny diapers and a double stroller. My son’s closet is floor-to-ceiling clothes.

But then my friends decided to throw me a shower. And they FORCED me to register. I mean, they nearly tied me to the computer. I swear.

So I thought, I’ll just register for the non-poison-leeching bottles. And some tiny diapers. And the stroller. Oh, the stroller will need a rain cover. Hmmm, I should get the level 2 and 3 nipp1es for the bottles, since all bottles, even the huge ones come with level 1 slow-flow nipp1es. Oh, and that baby sling my friend had that looked so comfortable. But wait! Here’s a cool breastmilk storage system that keeps the bottles in order so you use the oldest one first. Need that. What this? A night light that makes constellations on the ceiling? Clothes from that brand I love, but never shell out the extra 5 bucks for? Need it!

The next thing I knew, there were 40 items on the registry. I kid you not. I’m expecting maybe five of the items to be purchased. Again, who needs to register for a second child?

But I confess… registering is extremely fun. Putting clothes on there was especially pleasing because I started to imagine what my new boy might look like in the new clothes.

Please, Albany get with the program and let me get married. Clearly I was born to spend other people’s money on myself. I have a talent for it, I say.



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4 responses to “I’d Like You to Know That This Will Go Down…

  1. The trend of registries for baby showers is yet to hit in australia-but if it did I would have a shower just for the registry (the idea of a party where i am the centre of attention makes me squirm…but if i could request present i waould bare it!)
    gay marriage is illegal here too and i often joke that we will should have a ‘registry party’ instead of a wedding. After all, we have to go to weddings for people who are legal and buy them presents…surely we can just create a registry so they can return the favour!

  2. Tricky subject. I didn’t have a registry when I got married and not for my shower either. Something about suggesting gift choices to people makes me uncomfortable. I guess I would like to think that all gifts are optional, and that the people who give them to me probably have good enough imaginations to pick something meaningful.

  3. Kris,
    I recall that I got you a zillion baby wipes and a lovey toy when Sam was born. Maybe not the most meaningful, but definitely useful.

    I think I’m just a shop-a-holic. My favorite gifts from when cakie was born are the hand-knit ones, actually! (wink, wink)

  4. I was actually thinking about your present when I wrote the comment! I definitely never would have thought of/suggested it and it was so great. Also a big bag of groceries from another friend right after Sam was born was perfect.

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