“You’re My Brotherloversistermotherdaughtersonfatherpu$sy-lover” — Maddoner

Today is reader appreciation day. Thanks to Robin over at Other Mother, who likes a good blog party.

So I have said “thank you” before, but I’ll say it again. I choose the Madonna option. (Watch the video. She funny.) Mostly because I think making fun of one’s self is more interesting to read than mere gushing.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Thanks for lurking.

Thanks for putting up with me constantly quoting Sarah Harmer lyrics. I swear, I was an English major and I actually have other things to quote. I just don’t have as many brain cells as I used to.

Thanks for taking a moment to stay and read, even though you may have been earnestly searching for a way to get twins by taking clomid… or trying to find a picture of Bert and Ernie having sex.

Thanks for inviting me to a pregnant lesbian group! I have real-life friends who are having real-life babies within a month of my own, within five miles of my house.

Thanks for delurking.

Thanks for really really wanting to know if I was pregnant. (Even though I suddenly felt shy about sharing the news.)

Thanks for sticking with me when I stopped blogging every single day for a while there after I got knocked up.

Thanks for sticking with me after I got knocked up, even if maybe you were still working on it. Even if it hurt a little. Thanks so much for that.

Thanks for still checking my blog every day, lurker-in-Florida-who-knows-who-you-are, even though, as you told Gwen, I have not been as funny lately. (Thanks a lot, euphoria hormones, for making me merely happy, rather than funny.) I promise to be more funny soon. Should I tell you about how I pee a little sometimes when I cough? Even though I had resolved to have the world’s strongest pelvic floor? And now, I am actually suffering from a cough? Maybe I should keep that to myself…

Thank you for loving me, even when I called you “Kramer,” Gwen. Yes, the real Kramer is my son. It is true. Complete with home invasions, demanding food when his own kitchen is well-stocked, and falling on the floor upon entering your house.

Thanks for sharing your blogs with me. Thanks for making me a reader and sharing your struggles and successes and horror stories with me. Even though I suck a$$ and have not updated my blogroll since about my second month blogging. Sorry. I should get on that, eh? Ummm, and thanks for adding me to your blogrolls. 🙂 You are far more cool than I in that way.

Thanks for encouraging me to write my book. And thanks for offering to let me interview you, or your honey.

Thanks for commenting. Especially when you compliment my tummy. (Blush.)

Thanks for letting me comment on your blogs, even though almost every single comment I make about you refers back to myself. Yes, I know that I do it. I just can’t seem to stop. What’s the woooooord? Self-centered? Yeah. That’s me. A lil’ bit.

Thanks for putting up with my over-use of parentheses. It is just the way I talk and think.

Thank you for telling me that my son is great, even though he’s actually just Kramer.

Thanks for giving me a chance to write on a regular basis and actually have someone read what I wrote.




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4 responses to ““You’re My Brotherloversistermotherdaughtersonfatherpu$sy-lover” — Maddoner

  1. never stop quoting sarah harmer. ever.

  2. sn

    you resolved to have the world’s strongest pelvic floor?! sorry, that’s funny. you inspire me to kegel.

    thanks for blogging. it’s great fun to read along.

  3. thanks for writing!!!
    and you’re welcome…

    and yeah. get on that blogroll updating thing… cuz lord knows, when this little one gets there, it’ll be 15 years before you have the time to update.

    OH and i love love LOVED cakie’s poem on your other blog. he rocks.

  4. WE love reading!!! Thanks for sharing!

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