With Thoughts of You I am Aglow

I am obsessed with two things right now:

1. Having this baby. Is it obvious? Does it show?

2. Buying this house. With thoughts of you I am aglow…

(Not the most doable thing when one is about to take four unpaid months of childcare leave.)

#2 is not really going to happen, but one can dream.

Oh, and I have a song stuck in my head.  This line being possibly my favorite lyric ever written to describe how I personally obsess over things and/or people:

You’re a map of a place maybe someday I’ll go,

With thoughts of you I am aglow.



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7 responses to “With Thoughts of You I am Aglow

  1. Aaaaaand, I went to the open house. Aaaannd it isn’t going to work for me. Instant obsession eraser. Now I can just focus on the baby! 🙂

  2. Honey, can I just say … you look hot! Love love love the bump.

    That house is a dream. Thanks for the lyrics. I’m writing them on a post it for my desk today.

  3. Oh and I stopped by to say that it was a cute house. Hmm, thank goodness for the obsession eraser. Can I borrow it?

    And the bump is stunning!

  4. A.

    Hi. first comment. i just wanted to say that that is a GREAT SONG.

  5. Co

    Your bump looks great.

    Sorry the house is a no-go, but dream away. Maybe some day… (At least, that’s what I am always thinking.)

  6. nelly

    i love your bump. and i LOVE cakie’s poem!!!!

  7. Can I say that that belly is absolutely ADORABLE??? And, cakie is too cute!!!

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