That means too much information.  Overshare.  I really didn’t need to know that much about you, etc.  So if body fluids give you the heebeegeebees, please press the back arrow on your browser now.  You won’t like this post much.

Sooooo… I was doing the thing.  You know, with the washcloth?  The one where you rub your nipple with a washcloth in the shower for a few months before you give birth, so they get all butch and calloused and breastfeeding won’t hurt.  It turns out my wise friends and my midwife told me later that that doesn’t really work.  Nothing hurts like breastfeeding.  But it only hurts for a while, then it doesn’t hurt.

I digress.

So my nipples hurt.  Because I hurt them.  I was looking at them because they hurt.  Then the weirdest, most natural but weirdest, thing happened.  Milk came out.  Freakin’ milk.  Out of my mosquito bite b00bies!  It was so unexpected, I actually felt faint.  I got dizzy and had to look away.

And now they leak.  That’s all.  I just had to share because it is the weirdest thing to happen to me in my pregnancy thus far.  My honey handed me a package of breast pads and said, “Get used to it.”  But, you know, nicely.

In other body fluid news… or I should say solids?  My baby went poopie in the potty!  “I went poopie in the potty.”  Those six words are more beautiful and thrilling than I ever imagined.  Way better than, “I love you,” even.  When I got home from my midwife appointment on Monday, A told Cake to tell me his news.  He said those six beautiful words.  I laughed and hugged and did a poopie in the potty dance.  And he giggled and giggled and giggled his head off.  It was the best poop-related thing that has ever happened to me.

Then yesterday, he did it again. I hope he doesn’t grow up and read this someday and get really mad at me for talking about his poop.  I just… I’m so proud.  And the only place I can voice it is in a virtual room full of moms and moms-to-be.  Besides, I’m leaving out details, so be grateful, Kid.



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7 responses to “TMI

  1. nelly

    dude, w is going to be the last kid to even SIT on the potty at this rate!

    i coulda told you that the washcloth thing was a waste of time. but since you’ve got milk already, i can just drop off p to whip those nips into shape! 😉

  2. Nelly — You are one of the wise friends. So you did tell me that. Again, right before my midwife told me. I’m starting to think I should dump her and use you. I guess I could also borrow your birthing pool if you became my uncertified un-nurse midwife?

    BTW- I’ll nurse P in exchange for your midwifery services.

  3. sn

    my midwife told me a few months ago that milk might spurt out with orgasm. i am thankful to say no such thing has happened. (yet)

  4. erin

    Damn, I’m jealous. We’re t-minus 5 weeks to due date and our daughter will *occasionally* pee on the potty, but poop? Hah!

    Cool about the milk, though! I showed my wife part of my mucous plug this morning and she gagged. I thought it was interesting…:)

  5. Are you the Erin who said I could interview you for my book? If so, the email I have for you does not work. I’ve been trying to reach you. Let me know how I can!

    Cakie actually told me why he wouldn’t pee on the potty. He’s a bit of a neatnik, and he thought it would be “messy on my leg.” Once I convinced him it would be less of a mess, he got brave and tried it. Maybe you can ask her why she doesn’t try to poop. She may have an answer for you!

  6. nelly

    lol, mama! you know i’m there for you in any way you need me to – and then your new babe & p can be “milk siblings!” watch out MDC, we’re getting crunchier by the second!!!!

  7. Co

    I was leaking colostrum toward the end of my pregnancy, too. It was weird.

    But, hey, it’s a good sign, right?

    And breastfeeding hurts at first (not as bad as people claim, I don’t think, but I’m a stoic and didn’t say “It hurts” during labor until I was pushing, so don’t go by me), but I just figured it was like when I first started playing guitar. It hurts your fingers at first but then you develop callouses and soon, it’s fine. You don’t develop callouses on your nipples, obviously, but they do eventually get used to it and it is okay. Sorry you got bad advice though. Definitely seek out Nelly’s wisdom before trying anything. She sounds smart. 🙂

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