Question of the Day

Should I bake and partially eat a batch of butterscotch brownies?

I took my glucose test today.  Tomorrow I find out if I have gestational diabetes.  I doubt it.  I highly doubt it.  But on the off chance that I have to start a very regimented diet of which I assume butterscotch brownies are not an integral part,  should I bake um?



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6 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. plump

    Totally! Imagine the regret if the worst did happen and you missed your last chance to eat sugar in ignorant bliss!

  2. ohhh butterscotch brownies.
    i agree – bake ’em & eat ’em!!!
    and please post the recipe… 🙂

  3. definitely. do I need to elaborate why?
    and I agree that you absolutely must post the recipe.

  4. absolutely. send the other half to me. I’ll be eating them circa mid-May. 🙂

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