Here’s some good stuff:

1. Friday.  Good Friday is good.  Cake is at daycare and I have a whole unplanned day with my honey.  We won’t do anything exciting, probably.  But the prospect of a free day is exciting enough in itself.

2. Crazy play dates. I go to an informal playgroup some Thursdays.  Usually three or four kids show up.  So I hosted yesterday.  Ok.  I had 13 kids in my house.  Three sets of twins!  It was fun.  And somehow nothing is broken, nobody got hurt and my house is clean.  I guess when you spend most of your time being the only adult with 20 kids, nothing else that involves lots of other adults  seems too hard or stressful.

3. My belly.  It is so wiggly and kickarifik.  Everyone keeps calling it “cute” and it is not too cumbersome yet.

4. New Amsterdam Day.  My classroom turns into a time machine and we go back 350-odd years.  It was also yesterday… the same day as the mega play date.  We made butter, dressed up, ate “Dutch food” like donuts and pretzels, played “nine pins” and had a generally roaring good time. My New Amsterdam outfit needed to be changed a bit, since I had to work some maternity clothes into the outfit.   One of my students asked me if the Dutch settlers wore 3/4 sleeves.  I said, “No, but I’m pregnant, so I needed to wear my pregnant lady shirt.”  I slept pretty well last night.

5. You guys.  Thanks for giving me an audience for my ramblings.  It is so great to write for fun on a regular basis and actually know that somebody else is enjoying it.  Diary, schmiary.



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2 responses to “Good

  1. I really wish I was a kid in your classroom.

  2. wow! that sounds so fun! yay for new amsterdam day? (is that an NYC DOE thing? i’ve never heard of it!)

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