Shoes Blues

I am a bit of a shoe fiend.  Not Imelda Marcos-style, nor in a Carrie-In-The-City Manolo Blah Blah way.  I’ve been in constant pursuit of the perfect pair of comfy, stylish, all-purpose shoes for most of my adult life.  (I’m sure I’m not alone.)

I don’t know if it was the wearing of many cheap pairs of Payle$s shoes in high school, or the over-compensation Birkenstock-fest that was college.  Somewhere along the line, I totally messed up my feet.  I’ve had plantar faceatous, a heel spur, and that pesky problem in which two nerves in the ball of my foot meet and get irritated unbearably and most unpredictably when wearing certain pairs of shoes.  There is no criteria for which shoes will do this to my feet.

At one point I had over fifty pairs of shoes.

I was pretty excited when I finally decided to take the clog plunge.  I bought my first pair when I got pregnant and decided not to bother with any other shoes.  Houndsblood clogs.  They go with everything.  Comfy, cute (in a lesbo-teacher kind of way), sturdy, water-proofish… I loved them.

Then, for some reason, I decided that my clogs were causing the back pain I had been experiencing for most of my pregnancy.  I did not bring them to New Mexico with me.  I started wearing my flat brown boots everywhere. Two weeks later, the pain was gone.  So I’ve connected the pain with my beloved shoe ode to the Dutch founders of my great city.  Damnit.  Now I have no shoes.  I mean, I have the brown boots.  I have two pairs of brown boots.  But I just received all of these super-cute maternity clothes from friends.  They all require black shoes.  I went to Da Shoe Warehouse and quickly in the manner of anyone shopping when they wish they were home with their cutie putie two-year-olds, chose a pair of seemingly-comfortable plain jane black loafers.  Cheap, but also the most comfortable pair I tried on.


This is where it gets weird.  I think my feet shrunk.  Now, I have had many of the same symptoms during pregnancy that my mother had.  One thing that happened to her is that her feet grew a size with each of her two pregnancies.  Cool.  I could buy all new shoes.  I wear a 9.5.  In Da Warehouse, I tried on two pairs of shoes that were that size, yet too big.  What the?  One of those pairs was the one I bought.  They just slipped off the heel a little bit.  I didn’t think it would be a problem.  It is.

Uh.  All I can think to do is steal my honey’s black Naots and call it a day.  Any suggestions?



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6 responses to “Shoes Blues

  1. sn

    pregnant feet are a mystery. at least it doesn’t sound like you’re getting the appalling poofy ankles i am (must. elevate. legs.)

    i love my earth shoes. they are the most comfortable things in the universe.

  2. I purchased some Merrell slip on shoes with the fuzzy insides and they are amazing. They hug your feet, offer great support, and SLIP ON!

    *Read: When you’re too big too tie your laces these are perfect*

    Good luck and may you find the perfect pair of shoes!

  3. Not pregnant and no help, but had to comment. I went through the Carrie Bradshaw – blah blah phase and no die in a pair of heels for more than two hours. My Danskos are heaven, but I can’t stand to wear them everyday. I’m going to be checking this comment box for all the wonderful suggestions sure to come!

    At least shrinking feet are better than swollen feet. Hope it gets better and you find THE best pair ever. xox

  4. reproducinggenius

    Not pregnant, but as a teacher, I’m a lover of comfy, cute shoes. I find that Keen makes some excellent and adorable and funky shoes, and I can stand/walk in them all day. They have some super-cute Mary Janes that don’t require lacing, and they come in black as well as many other fun colors. You might give those a shot.

  5. some of the shoe styles from Naturalizer have come a long way! …some of them, still not so stylish….but some are….

    In the meantime, can you get some heel-grip inserts to help w/ the shoes that slip a little?

  6. Ugh. I tried the heel-slip things yesterday and they made them slip more. I guess because of my orthotics or something.

    I can’t believe people are sending me links! I should have posed this question long ago.

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