Woah, Nelly.

My friend Nelly is very demanding.  She demanded a belly shot.  Since she is my official superhero for giving birth vbac  style at home, I must oblige.  (She also gave me permission to sleep on my back the day before my midwife did.)

So here’s my 23rd week belly.  One more week, and I’ll be six months pregnant.




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8 responses to “Woah, Nelly.

  1. well hello belly boy. you have a very lovely bump about you.

  2. nelly

    oooooh i love it! thank you, you just made my day!

  3. Goldendrrrl

    My baby with my grandbaby. Yeah! Jump in the air! Spin around! Welcome little boy.

  4. …I’m new here. I found your blog when looking up information about IUI (for our future reference!)…but, you are so witty & your blog is interesting.
    Your belly is precious!

  5. So beautiful! Made my day too. ox

  6. oooh what a lovely and gorgeous baby belly!
    (thanks to your demanding friend)

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