Sleeping While Pregnant: The BEST Position

According to my midwife, who I visited yesterday, and apparently she’s not alone… the best sleep postion for a pregnant woman is (drumroll, please)….

Any damn way she feels comfortable in the bed!


So last night I kicked the body pillow to the floor, threw caution to the wind, and slept like a baby.  Not a newborn, the kind of baby who knows how to sleep.   I did keep a regular pillow between my knees for when I felt like laying on my side.  And I’m seriously considering the memory foam mattress topper after reading the comments on my last post.

According to my midwife, only 15 percent of pregnant women have that blood pressure problem when they sleep on their backs.  Those 15 percent just need to recognize if they feel funny on their backs and roll the freak on over to their sides.  Problem solved!

God I love midwives.  They are real people.  No offense to the doctors (or at least doctor, hi S!) who read my blog.  What I mean is, they are not so very afraid of getting sued that they give the same advice to everyone just because 15 out of 100 people might have a problem.

So, sleep away, ladies. Do it while you can!

On another note… I have not stopped interviewing people for the book, but I’m doing some back-to-back travel, so when I get back from this weekend I’ll get in touch with folks and set up some more interviews.

Happy snoozing.



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5 responses to “Sleeping While Pregnant: The BEST Position

  1. The more and more I hear about midwives like yours, the more and more I love em! I am definitely going the midwife-route!!! Enjoy the blissful sleep 🙂

  2. Lo

    Yay. Sleep away. (Our midwives told C not to worry about cutting off the baby’s circulation because, um, if that were happening, there would be pain, and she would notice. I almost commented on your last post but didn’t want to dispense hearsay medical advice.)

  3. sn

    my midwife said the same thing this week! hooray for midwives (and more sleep).

  4. plump

    I love your midwife. Happy sleeps.

  5. notesfrom2moms

    i had started to fret about this… glad to hear it.

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