Sleeping is hard.

Sleeping is hard when one has a toddler who decides to come to our room for a visit four times a night because he’s no longer imprisoned in his crib.

Sleeping is hard when one has a newborn.  (Which I don’t yet, but I can never help forecasting. Heck, I’ve already figured out that Cake will be in college and baby #2 will be finishing high school when I retire.)

Sleeping is hard when you’re not supposed to sleep on your back.  Nor on your belly.  And your hips are all loosey-goosey like one of those dolls that have their limbs held on with elastic.

The toddler problem has possibly solved itself this week.  He stayed in his room all night for the past three nights.  Possibly due to a fever he had.  Possibly due to the change in sleeping arrangement while we were in New Mexico.  It has been heavenly.  Even the cat cooperated. We’re going to Boston this weekend, so I hope that doesn’t mess things all up again.
So you’d think I’d be well-rested.  But I’ve been trying to make friends with my body pillow.  It is hard to get used to sleeping with someone new, so to speak.  One of the women at the pregnant lesbians group said that I can sleep almost on my back, but slightly propped up on the right side, so my whatever doesn’t get smooshed and mess up my blood-pressure.  So I have a new pillow move.  I run the top of the pillow under the right side of my back, and the rest goes between my knees coming from the back.  This way I can lie on my left side, or on my tilty-to-the-left back.

It all seems so absurd.  Almost as absurd as complete strangers knowing that I’m pregnant now.



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5 responses to “Sleep.

  1. so so so with you with the body pillow position bidness. oy. what i wouldn’t do for a whole night of uninterrupted sleep.

    carry on, pregnant lady, carry on.

  2. I hope you figure out a comfy sleeping position… and when you do, do you mind sharing it with me? 🙂 Right now (and this is subject to change at any moment), I’m a fan of the pillow between the knees. I just change sides 14 gazillion times throughout the night…

  3. notesfrom2moms

    great things to look forward to….and i hope strangers haven’t been possessed to touch your belly yet. That makes me feel creepy.

  4. Co

    My midwife, S., whom you know says that the whole “only sleep on your left side” rule doesn’t make sense for most pg women. The amount of circulation that gets cut off on your right side is minimal… and as for sleeping on your back putting pressure on your vena cava, if the circulation got REALLY cut off, it’d wake you up… Her belief is that forcing yourself to only sleep on your left side, especially before the very end of your third tri, just leads to hip bruising for no good reason.

    Just a thought.

    Sorry Cakie has been waking up his moms. That toddler thing is a whole new layer of pregnancy that the Family O has never tackled.

  5. erin

    I don’t know you but I read you and feel a kinship- we’re expecting #2 in May and have a two year-old. I’m pregnant for the first time and in my third trimester.

    My midwife seconds Co’s midwife. I slept (comfortably) on my back part of the night well into my second trimester. My midwife says that you’ll get woozy and light headed and you’ll wake up, so don’t worry about it. Of course I still worry, but not as much.

    I hated the body pillow because it made it harder to turn over. I ditched it (well, returned it after one night and got my $60 back!) and use a combo of three pillows- one between or under my knees, one wedge pillow under the belly, and I hug one squishy pillow to prevent my top arm from going numb.

    The best advice I got was from my chiropractor. She suggested we get a memory foam mattress topper. Yes, it was spendy, but my hips feel soooo much better, and I wake up less because I don’t toss and turn so much.

    I also started sleeping with a humidifier right next to my side of the bed which reduces the amount of water I drink at night and consequently the number of times I’m up to pee.

    Hope some of that helps. I can’t wait to not be pregnant, but I dread trying to sleep with a toddler and a newborn….

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