Schmancy Baby Shcmarty

So I spent most of the day shopping for a no-longer-surprise shower for Gwen and her grills.

We spent the rest of the day trying to make the apartment some kind of presentable.  It is only 2/3 of the way there.

Man.  I’m beat.  I also got her some presents.  They all have some kind of pink element.  I do hate pink, but Gwen does not.  She registered for pink stuff.  But I also got her grills something pink for which she didn’t register.  I’m having a boy.  I went grill crazy at the store and totally grilled (or drag-queened) out.  But I can’t tell you what I got in case she reads my blog tonight.  I’ll tell you tomorrow.

So when you do get pregnant and someone throws you a shower, be very grateful.  This party crap is hard work.  I mean, for Gwen — anything.

BTW — I totally look preggo now.  I went to buy lunch in the school cafeteria, which I do from time to time mostly because the ladies are so incredibly honored that you’re buying their lunch that they treat you like royalty–and because I’m lazy.   The ladies were pointing to me and announcing like it was suddenly official, “I knew she was pregnant!  A long time ago!  As soon as I saw her little pouch.  Look, she’s pregnant!  Do you want another orange, honey?  Take an extra milk.”


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  1. Love the lunch ladies. Love the baby gear shopping, tough as it may be to throw the party. So since you “totally look preggo now,” do we get a pooch peek?

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