What I Know About Him

Here are some things I know about my fetus already:

1. He has a penis.  So, he’s either a boy, or a girl with a penis.  I’m guessing the prior.

2. He loves Led Zepplin.  I blast it when I’m driving alone.  He dances.  Or, kicks me hard like and old lady banging on the ceiling to keep that racket down.  I choose the prior again.

3. He loves Mexican food.  He requested it every day while we were in New Mexico.  I obliged.  He especially likes green chilies.

4. He loves food in general.  He kicks most when I’m hungry, and then immediately after I’ve eaten some food (especially Mexican food).  Thank you kicks!

5. He takes his own sweet time.  (Please see the first umpteen months of my blog archive.)

6. He’s practicing kicking hard. Last night I sat on the couch and watched my stomach bounce up and down with his kicks for about fifteen minutes. Freaky.

7. Yet he is shy.  He still has not performed his kicking tricks in any way that his Mama can feel them.  And during the anatomy scan, he kept covering his face and turning his back as though guarding himself from paparazzi.

8. I know his first name.  But I’m not telling you.  Secrets are fun.

9.  He’s got parts.  Fingers, toes, leg bones, a heart with chambers, a really cute cerebellum.  I saw them all during the anatomy scan.  Parts are good.

10.  He finds my sciatic nerve as comfy as a pillow.  Only the best for my babe.



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2 responses to “What I Know About Him

  1. Parts = good
    Sciatic stomping = not so good

    Here’s hoping he’ll decide to give his mom a break and keep his parts to himself!

  2. Co

    A girl with a penis huh? Lo’s mom asked me at one point what I would do if Flipper actually turned out to be a girl… I replied, “well, we’ll love our three-legged girl.” Cuz um, either Flipper had a penis or 3 legs.

    Zeppelin and Mexican food, huh? How cool. (My boy liked Billy Joel and pizza in utero. Hmm…)

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