Illogical-ish Worries of a First-time Pregnant, Second-time Mom

Hmmm. Where should I start?

10.  I’m going to completely forget everything newborn.  Heck.  I already do.

9. I’m going to give birth quickly– while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge — trying to get to the hospital.

8. I’m going to get thrown in jail for assaulting any medical personnel who approach me with any kind of scalpel-esque cutting device while I’m in labor.  Jail — it’s no place for the breastfeeding new mother.

7. I’m going to get kicked out of my lovely home because we can’t pay the mortgage because we chose to use a midwife, instead of my in-plan OB, and then the insurance company  decided not to pay for the midwife because I had to have a c-section…plus my poor honey had to bail me out of jail for assaulting the medical presonnel who tried to initiate the c-section.

6. Who is this donor anyway?  I know more about my mailman.

5. I don’t know when to tell my toddler about his up-coming little brother.  I’m afraid I’ll somehow tell him at the wrong time, messing up their sybling relationship indefinately.

4. I’m afraid I’ll try to potty train Cakie in a fit of fear of two kids in diapers.  This will mess up his potty training indefinately.  It will lead to weird therapy issues later.

3. I have to push another person’s entire body through my vagin@?  I have to what???

2. I’m afraid of stretch marks and sits baths.  And tears.  And incontinence.  And all the other stuff people never say out loud about giving birth.

And the number one illogical-ish fear of this first-time pregnant, second-time mom?

1. I’m afraid there’s no way the baby in my womb could possibly be as cute and smart as Cakie.  He’s just doomed.  Poor little fetus.  Every time I look at Cake I think, well… maybe the second one will be exceptionally clever? Good with electronics?  Funny?  God help him.  He has a tough act to follow.



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7 responses to “Illogical-ish Worries of a First-time Pregnant, Second-time Mom

  1. Awesome post. Totally normal to be having all these fears though. You know this, right?

    I think that last one is similar to the fear I have that a second child couldn’t possibly be as loved or as cherished as a first child. Crazy talk! I’m sure I would love them both equally. I’m sure the baby in your womb will be just as adorable as your other child!!! You will love this baby just as your other one 🙂 Promise!

  2. I have some of the same and some other even more irrational worries!

    Congrats on the half-way point! It’s downhill for us!

  3. Goldendrrrl

    It was a lifetime ago for you that I had most of the same worries. I also worried about giving birth in a VW bug, and being sent home from the hospital because I had just imagined that my water broke. Sibling rivalry is not fun, and in spite of it know those little boys will love each other forever.

  4. Lo

    Before Jo was born, I was just the teensiest bit worried that I couldn’t love another creature as much as I love Maggie. Not seriously….you know how much I wanted Jo…but occasionally when I was cuddling Maggie the thought would cross my mind.

    and then I met him.

  5. I think that quite the tribute to Cakie. Your new little one will make his own way into your heart. I just know it.

  6. nelly

    eradicate all thoughts of potty training – 2 kids in diaps is way easier than 1 kid in diaps, the other in soaking wet underpants while you’re at the grocery store!

    and if you give birth in your car, you can just turn around and go home 😉

  7. Love this entry hun. I know it must be absolutely boggling, but you really are doing such a beautiful, brave job. You’re such a good mum already and it will all fall into place again. oxox

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