I’m just saying “Hi.”

We’re still in New Mexico.  I’m too jet-lagged to say anything exciting.  I’ve watched the wild turkeys tramp across my dad’s fields a few times. I’ve chased my son up and down the stairs (which have no railing) a bunch of times.  Baby brother has been kicking up a storm.  I can feel him kick from the outside, but A has yet to feel it.  I really want her to.

That’s all.




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2 responses to “Hi

  1. sn

    why on earth would i contemplate starting a blog of my own when you perfectly capture the blow by blow of my pregnancy? i’m totally there with you–the external kicks are new, and totally exciting, and m. can’t feel them yet. i really want her to.

    have an awesome time in new mexico!

  2. Yea for New Mexico, kicking, and baby brothers. Life is good love. Thinking of you often and hoping everything is going well. oxoxo

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