Some/thing Blue

What’s blue?About 78% of the clothes in Cakie’s closet.  (Hand-me-downs…I’d never buy so much of one color on purpose.) They are waiting to be  worn by Cake’s little brother.

That’s right, it’s a boy.

Sorry about the delay.  I got sucked into a vortex of getting-my-family-packed-and-off-to New Mexico.  Where I am now.

It’s a brother!



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15 responses to “Some/thing Blue

  1. Congratulations to Cakie on his soon-to-be baby brother!

    And, I assume that since that’s the only thing notable from your ultrasound that all the little man’s other parts are looking good, as well?

    I can’t believe that you’re already far enough along to know this!

  2. Congratulations! Two little boys!!

  3. Lo

    I have a feeling there may be two little boys in my future. I can’t explain it, it’s just a feeling.

    So I’ll enjoy hanging out with yours.

    Love ya.

  4. Lo

    P.S. Enjoy New Mexico! I’m jealous.

  5. congratulations! i am so happy for you!!

    maybe this means that if they both end up to be straight and love sufjan and sarah harmer and justin timberlake, your boy and sparky are meant to be?

  6. Congrats on the news of a little boy! I’m sure your son is going to love being a big brother.

    Sorry I haven’t called! Things have been crazy with kid’s sickness, my sickness, and now FIL in hospital.

    I’d still like to do the interview – so pop me an email and let me know what date/time works for you!

    Congrats again!

  7. Pauline

    Comhghairdeachas! (as we say in Irish) I’m really happy for you. Tried to call you, but I see now that you’re in New Mexico…

    Love from Dublin,

  8. tbean

    Yay! A brother for Cakie!

  9. Carmen and Deanna

    we are having a boy 2! Deanna is 25 weeks. I cant wait to hug him!

  10. Wahoo!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    We are so happy for you!

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