Some/Thing New (and Borrowed)

This is my new supersonic gay* phone.
It is attached to the miracle black thingee that the beautiful and talented danator lent me.
The black thingee is attached to my new tape recorder.

(The cat butt in the corner is something old.)

All of these contraptions are helping me write my new book. (My first book.) My guidebook for the queer mom who didn’t give birth. Co-mom. Bonus mom. Whatev.

Because of these new things, I get to have great conversations with great people about one of the greatest things that has happened to them. It’s even more fun than I could have imagined.

So that’s new.

*An item can only qualify to be “supersonic gay” if it is flashy, fancy, fabulous and verging on kitschy. It is my own term, originated by the fabulous, flashy, fancy double-decker train that once took me and a gaggle of other gays out to Fire Island — the supersonic gay train.

Missing persons alert: I don’t have emails for some some lovely people who offered to be interviewed: Pi and a couple named Connie and Melissa. I’d love to interview them along with anyone else who fits the bill. Let me know if you do! I’m contacting folks in the order in which they contacted me, so sit tight. I can’t wait to talk to you.

PS For some reason, wordpress is only letting me write on a page with html code, rather than my handy-dandy icons, so I have no idea how to link to danator. She’s right over there on my blogroll at Delectasio Morosa. She’s funny. Go have a gander.



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3 responses to “Some/Thing New (and Borrowed)

  1. You forgot to mention how gay those raisins are. So. Gay.

    BTW, thanks for the plug, but I’m on funny hiatus until I’m done with finals. Commence Bore-a-thon!

  2. nelly

    i want that phone!!!! it’s fabulouso!

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