Hormonal Gratitude

So being all full of hormones and inevitably weepy, I found myself in exactly such a state in my car yesterday. I was listening to this song in the car. It made me think of you and everything you’ve done for me in my TTC battle.

The Ring, by Sarah Harmer

You thank me all the time
But now it’s my turn
Cause truly a word of gratitude so due
Can’t go unheard
And it made me feel better
To have you there in my corner
My eyes cast so low
My face could not have been
Drawn longer

I know you’ve been impressed
You’ve seen me at my best
But oh, how it hurts
When I can’t hide my worst
Well thank-you for carrying on
For playing with me and this song
It made me feel better
We sat it out like some passing bad weather

My mind was like kid’s boxing gloves
The kind blown up with air
That are put away after play
And get limp just lying there
But you knew they’d fill up again
And you gave me your shoulder
And I got up in the ring
Because I had you there
In my corner
And I got up in the ring
Because I had you there
In my corner

So, aside from going to buy Sarah Harmer’s album, since I just reprinted her lyrics w/o permission, could you also pay my buddy eggdrop a visit? She just had a pretty tough blow.




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7 responses to “Hormonal Gratitude

  1. i’m bopping my head to ms harmer’s goodness just reading the lyrics 🙂

  2. mel

    hey…i saw your comment on our blog (raz-ma-taz) but i can’t find your email address. hopefully you’ll be able to link to mine through this comment. i’d love to chat.

  3. I don’t have as good an excuse as you do, but I’m feeling blah this month anyway. That’s why I’m having a virtual blog party this week. If you want to play, the minimal guidelines are here: http://theothermother.typepad.com/blog/2008/02/she-was-really.html. xo robin (the other mother)

  4. i think i’m a new sarah harmer fan. never heard of her before this lovely post and now i keep replaying the three ditties on her website. so… thank you.

  5. oh mrs b, run–don’t walk–to your nearest cd store or computer, and delve in. she’s so so good. and hott.

  6. love sarah harmer–saw her in the basement of the knitting club many years back. it was an amazing show!

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