Finally Human. (Both of Us)

Signs that I have morphed from a useless lump back into at least half the woman I used to be:

1. Yesterday I did my son’s laundry.

2. Yesterday I cooked a new and delicious dinner. .. tomato braised beans and polenta.  Yum.

3. Yesterday I organized all of our crazy recipes into a binder.

4. Last night I put the little guy down for the night.  The night before I actually got up once from my bed to put him back to sleep.   Poor A, she’s been doing it all.

4. Today I picked the Cakeman up early from daycare and took him to the playground.

5. Today I painted with my son.

6. Today I drove my whole family on an errand after taking son to playground and painting.

7. Today I made dinner for tonight and tomorrow night.

Reason why the little one is finally human… I mean, she is and has been, especially since the nuchal ultrasound, but humor me:

She kicked!  It started kicking on Thursday and has been gracing me with love taps on and off since then.

I will find out the genital status of the little Pele in 18 days.  But who’s counting?   I still have that boy feeling.  But I’d like it to be a girl if only to save me from having to choose another boy’s name. (And, you know, about a zillion other daughter-longing reasons.)



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4 responses to “Finally Human. (Both of Us)

  1. Lo

    oh! I loved the kicking!! (I mean, from my outside perspective.)

  2. Go kicking! (Couldn’t not chime in.)

    I’d have liked to send this directly to you, but couldn’t find an email on this h’yar thingie. I read in a comment you left on Unwellness’ “On Fatherhood” post that you were looking to interview “non-bio moms” for a guidebook you’re writing? And would like to hear from more? Forgive me if I missed your posting about this earlier and putting the word out. But I’d like to hook up with you. I spend oodles of time contemplating the whole kit and kaboodle and would love to add my frothy fulminations to what you’re gathering together. I have a contact page on my blog with a mail textbox thingy on it, if you’re not already too full of frothy fulminations elsewhere.

    And congrats again??!

  3. that’s more productive than i’ve been in weeks! kudos on kicking. i can’t imagine anything more glorious in all the world. ox

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