I Told Them

I just decided to tell them today.  A kid I don’t know walked up to me in the hall and asked me if I was having a baby.  So I figured I should tell my kids.  I told them when they were lined up to leave at 3 pm on a Friday.  I just said, “I know you have been wondering about this.  Yes, I am going to have a baby in July.”  They were thrown by the whole July thing.  “Will we have a substitute?”  “You don’t go to school in the July.”  Then I told them that sometimes babies come earlier than expected and they might have a substitute if that happens.  Then they started talking about pre-mature babies and I was home-free.  For the time being, anyway.  Whew.



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4 responses to “I Told Them

  1. Good for you – the first conversation about *anything* is the hardest part! Keep us posted on how it goes, with the questions and such.

  2. Congrats! I’m planning on telling them after Feb. break and our *big* ultrasound. 1st graders are a little more naive though, no one has noticed. As for how that will go, we’ll see. I expect more raised eyebrows from parents than the 6-year olds. They love me just because I know everything, well, in their book at least.

  3. Great job! What a load off your mind for the weekend!

  4. Lo

    yay!!! you go, girl!!!! It always is easier than you think it will be.
    ( I laughed at “You don’t go to school in July.”)

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