I Don’t Eat Babies


Now that I’m all knocked up and starting to show and whatnot, my kids have been asking me questions.   One asked me yesterday while we were walking down the stairs, “Do you have a baby in your stomach?”  To which I lamely replied, “I don’t eat babies!”

The truth is, I’ve never really come out to a class and I’m nervous about it.  I’ve never come out to them because they are seven, and their parents are all catholic or muslim or something else preachy, and plus I’m just a wimp.  They know I’m not married.  So I think I should tell them that Cake has two mommies and this baby will have two mommies, too.   The whole two mommies thing usually confuses them into silence anyway (I do mention same gender parents every Mother’s and Father’s Day.)  But I’m not so sure that will happen this time.  What if they ask me how two women make a baby?  I was thinking I’d say, “A doctor helped me make the baby.”  This is true, but rather vague. They may think I had sex with some random doctor. But I don’t want to get too detailed, either.  Did I mention that some of my kids’ moms are in burkas?  I could also say, “A doctor and a man called a donor helped me make the baby.”  If they ask about the donor, I can say he fertilized my egg.  They understand eggs getting fertilized.

Ugh.   I wish I wasn’t such a wimp.

Anyway.  What do you think I should say?


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7 responses to “I Don’t Eat Babies

  1. nycphoenix

    I think that I would keep everything very vague because as a social worker I never got used to disclosing anything too personal to my clients. Start with I’m going to have a baby and then take it from there to whereever you ar most comfortable. ITs not wimpy to want your private life to be private

  2. owlie

    It’s tricky. my Partner recently had a convo with some 3-4 yr olds that she cares for (easier to be vague with 3-4 than 7) all she said was she has a daughter, her daugher has two mums, and thats just the way it is.
    I agree that you only disclose what you are comfortable with, so don’t be worried about being wimpy.
    or the cheaters option, is to ask them what they think, then take it from there???
    hmmm….good luck!

  3. Lo

    I hear you. I was scared too. It turned out great for me, but I work at a different school, and with 12 year olds.

    I do think that following their lead is a good idea, as owlie said, seeing what they think….they might be satisfied with less than you would expect. or they might understand more than you would expect.

  4. what a difficult situation! i’m sorry you’re stuck with this decision and that we live in a time where this is an issue. i think it’s great that you respect them enough to validate their curiosity, but it’s just that: curiosity. you have no obligation to say anything that you don’t want to. like the wise women said, follow their lead. ox

  5. Total assvice since I don’t work with kids at all…

    Do you have a supportive boss/principal or mentor who you can talk to about it? They would know the school’s context best (along with you, of course).

  6. What part of “I’m a dyke, bitches!” do second-graders not understand?

  7. Hello,

    I also teach and the kids were very fascinated to know I had a baby in my belly! Of course, the next question was how it got in there and I said “The doctor put it in there”.

    I figured I was telling the truth since we did IVF and the doctor literally put the embryos back into my uterus!

    Best of luck!!

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