I got my baby bump.

It just showed up.  People patted it.

My bump. My bump my bump my bump…

my little baby bump.



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13 responses to “Today…

  1. Goldendrrrl

    Little baby bump, Grandma loves you.

  2. nelly

    your lovely lady lump!


  3. Lo

    oh yeah.
    I want to pat it.

  4. Yahoo!!! (do you mind that people pat it? I hate when folks do that to me!)

  5. I don’t mind when people pat it. I can’t say how I’ll feel after a few more months of patting, however.

  6. awwww… what a sweet day for you!
    *hello baby*

  7. LOL! Too funny! I was singing it to J!!

  8. wheee! Being pregnant is so much fun! It is your time, it is all about you and baby! Enjoy!

  9. i tagged you over at 🙂

  10. Congrats! now you need to post a picture. I am sure it is very cute!

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