Weird Pregnancy Things

It is a list:

1. My hair is falling out.  I normally have very thick, wavy red hair.  Now I have flat red hair.  (The plus here, is that bangs never work for me, since my hair frizzes out.  I’m thinking of trying them now.)

2. I’m eating for two.  So, since I just finished my unprecedented fourth piece of pizza, does it really only count as my second?

3.  Everyone thinks I’m showing a little, but I’m pretty sure that is my normal food belly in maternity clothes.

4. I’m having candy withdrawl.  I know it is called a “food aversion,” but sugar only makes me sick.  I miss it.  I really want to eat some Runts. A couple of Smarties?  Please?

5. My b00bs don’t hurt anymore.  I just realized today.  Yay!

6. Another weird b00b thing.  I’m normally flat-chested-ish.  I’m a B cup.   Now I’m a C-and-a-half.  This is the weird thing: I’m not used to my breasts touching any other part of my body.  Sometimes when I slouch, they rest on my chest.  Or they touch my belly, kind of.  It is such an odd sensation for someone who has never felt it before.  It is something I guess other women feel all the time.

7.  Not getting my period is weird.  I don’t think I’m appreciating it enough.  I’ve actually saved a few bucks by not buying tampons.  Wahoo!

8.  I get hand-me-downs from other adults.  And you know what?  I’m not very styley.  I think my friends choose much cuter clothes than I do.  My fashion sense may change from this whole maternity-clothes swapping business.  I look good in skinny jeans!  Who knew?

I’m sure I’ll think of more weird pregnancy things, but that’s all for now, folks!



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4 responses to “Weird Pregnancy Things

  1. When I become pregnant, if we decide to go for a #2, I am petrified that my naturally curly hair will go straight, more scared than I am of pushing a baby out of me!! Now you’re proof that this actually occurs! Ahh!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, it actually went from really thick to normal. It is still wavy. And it just feels thin to me. I doubt if anyone else has noticed. Then again, nobody else has to clean out my hair brush!

  3. bangs, big boobs, and skinny jeans?! girl, you’ve got it made.

  4. alli k

    If the hair loss hasn’t broken your vacuum yet, you haven’t lost that much!

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