Now I gotta…

The hands-down best service atrocity I ever witnessed was in a department store in a Brooklyn mall.  The teen-aged sales person in the store was not happy to have a job, I guess, because when a woman about three feet away asked her a question about the price of a sweater, the put-out young lass rolled her eyes and said with a sigh, “Now I gotta go over there.”

I loved it so much, that the scene occasionally plays through my mind and makes me laugh randomly.

Recently, it has occured to me, that perhaps the young lass was pregnant.  About seven times a day, I feel myself internally rolling my eyes and thinking, “Now I gotta go over there.”

What’s that young second-grader?  You’ve picked that scab off your arm for the third time today and it is bleeding and a bio-hazard and I need to get you an Band-Aid?

“Now I gotta go over there.”

What?  The principal would like to speak to me in her office?

“Now I gotta go over there.”

I didn’t bring lunch and I’m starving and the place right across the street has great soup?

“Now I gotta go over there.”

Fire drill?

“Now I gotta go over there.”

You get the gist.

And then there is the little old lady syndrome.  My classroom is on the fourth floor.  That’s 72 steps.   Usually by mid-September I can make it to the top quickly and without losing my breath.  Now I am out of breath and practically wheezing at the top of the first flight.  Let me tell you about teachers.  If one’s room is on the fourth floor, it’s not like you go up in the morning and come down at dismissal.  I go up in the morning, go down to take them to their cluster teacher, go back up to prep, go all around the school trying to get things ready for the rest of the day, go back down to get them from their cluster, go back up with them, take them down for lunch, go up to eat my lunch, go back down to take them up from lunch, take them down for dismissal, and on Tuesday and Wednesday, go back up for teaching after-school and back down one more time.  I swear, I feel like I’m eighty years old.  It is just crazy.  It also takes me twice as long and I find myself gripping the railing sometimes.  Perhaps I should invest in a walker.

I did get my nuchal results back.  My downs syndrome risk was 1 in 1,500 something something.  And my Trisomy 18 risk was 1 in 68,000 something something.  Not too shabby, little No-name.  Not too shabby.



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9 responses to “Now I gotta…

  1. sn

    i so hear you! and yet, i’m not so externally obviously pregnant that my handrail grabbing, pausing to catch my breath feels extra ridiculous.

    hooray for your screening results! fantastic.

  2. Ha. Hilarious post.

    Way to go on the great screening results!

  3. Very very funny. i was exhausted just reading your post.

    And what’s with the laziness of teenagers. As a former retail manager, I’d want to light a fire under that young lass.

  4. you made me tired too! i’ll feel really guilty today on the elevator because of you. 😉 kudos on the nuchal results. ox

  5. Just a hello… feeling to lazy to comment further but wanted to say hello!

  6. Lo

    ha ha. I haven’t been preggers, of course, but that is how I felt in the hospital after being awake for three million hours straight. I kept asking my mom to go get me things that were out of arm’s reach…..’cause it was over *there.* and it was just too hard.

  7. alli k

    The stairs are painful now, but they are keeping you in better shape than you would be otherwise. That gives you a much better chance of a smooth delivery and a quick recovery. I am convinced that living in a 4h floor walkup and walking 2 miles to and from work almost every day up through my eighth month really helped me build crucial stamina and keep my weight gain within the recommended range for my height and build.

  8. Great post.

    Congrats on the stats! Your little one is ‘perfect’.

    I love the reference to “I gotta go over there’. I hope to be rolling my eyes along with you very soon.


  9. hey,
    I’m not sure how to email you. I have a few questions for you too….
    our due date is July 11th. Can you shoot us an email, so I can reply?

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