Which Hotel? Which Midwife?


First of all, I think I was a little unfair to Motel 6.  I was going based on one review, but the towel thing is just gross.  Anyway,  lots of other people happily delivered and recovered there.

Next, I spoke with moneylady at ABC midwifery again.  She thinks that with my insurance combined with A’s we can get most of it paid for with a really (superbly) high deductable. This would all be easier if I were my normal financial self, and not my post-fertility-treatment/kitchen renovation self.  But I really, again, have little room to complain.  I just need to find a way to relax.

There are some scary things about staying with ABC.  Moneylady said A’s insurance sometimes refuses to pay for the midwife if there is a c-section, though lately, they have been paying for the c-sections anyway.  Three years ago, I would have laughed and said, “That’s ok, because I’m not having a c-section.”  But I’ve lived through one birth (and vicariously, through those of my childbirth class) and I know that they happen to even the most crunchy-granola of us.  So, that would pretty much suck.   She also said that the catastrophe insurance company pretty much has to cover the pregnancy not as a pre-existing condition, if I have not had any lapse in insurance.  I’ll apply for it, but I dunno.  Plus they actually have a $25,000 deductable (that the regular insurance must pay first.)  I don’t think the hospital fees will actually be that high, though I was musing that perhaps my infertility treatments have put me up there, but I don’t think they’d count.  I don’t quite get it, but if they’ll help if A’s insurance doesn’t pay, that will be worth the $140 bucks a year.

Enough about money.  I just read a whole article about rich folks trying not to spoil their kids, in which they also discussed the taboo of talking about one’s money.  Apparently, I’m just not so classy.

As far as I know, Midwife Gold has yet to call.  Also unfair, since I haven’t checked my messages.



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3 responses to “Which Hotel? Which Midwife?

  1. Oh, she hasn’t called. I think we might stick with ABC and keep our financial fingers crossed.

  2. I’m in NY too… and 9.5 weeks pregnant. (I came across your blog through someone else’s.)
    Would you mind telling me which midwife you went with and if you liked her?
    Thank you!

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