Midwife Gold, You’re My Only Hope….

So, I was just mulling over how I was going to pay the $3,621 difference between what my insurance will pay and what the fee is for my beloved midwife, when I came home to a stack, nay a heap… a mound if you will, of bills.  Fifteen bills for $120 each from my RE, dating back to April.  What the?  So I left a teary message on their billing department’s voice mail, then I tried to muster some strength.  I will assume that I don’t really have to pay them.  How can they send me a bill from April for the first time in January?  It must be some sort of a ruse.  I’ll leave it at that.  Because I tell you this much, I cannot and will not send them ten months worth of bills in one month.  Who do I look like?  Tina Canard?  Claire Huxtable?

WHEW!  I just called the billing department again and she said that it was a mistake and I owe a total of $103.  That I can swing.  Whew and double-whew. Regardless, I think it is a good idea to have some money left over after the birth to help with the four un-paid monthsof leave I plan to take.

Anywho, I called my insurance and asked them which midwives do take my insurance.  There is one midwife, Midwife Gold, who does take my insurance, of whom I have actually heard before.  My yoga teacher, who is also a doula, told me about her on Sunday.  She said she’s a lot like Lo’s midwife at Little Fruit Midwifery, who I adore.  The catch: the hospital where I wanted to deliver is like the Ritz.  The one where midwife Gold delivers is more like Hojos.  Maybe Hote1 6.   I was reading about it on a local parenting site, and one woman said she had no hot water or clean towels in post-partum when she was still bloody from labor.  Hote1 6.  I don’t know what to do.  Well, I don’t even know if I can use Midwife Gold, because I don’t know if she can do any more births in July.  But if I can, should I? Also, I would have to convince my honey to make the switch from the Ritz to Mote1 6.  That will not be easy.  But to me, the person who helps me give birth is more important than the nurse who brings me my jello and asks me if I passed gas yet, afterward.

WWYD?  What would you do?



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9 responses to “Midwife Gold, You’re My Only Hope….

  1. we swallowed hard and paid the 3k for the midwife we wanted, and are committed to fighting with our insurance to get her in network so that we can get that money back.

    i hope you get who you want.
    you deserve it.

  2. probably a dumb question, but do you have a medical expense flex account? Is it too late to put enough in it? Ironically enough, I put enough in my flex account to pay for my midwife to birth my non-existant babe, and then I accellerated my payments to the account so that I’d be all done paying in when I needed to take maternity leave. If you can’t tell, my time for taking care of these details fell right in the middle of the TWW for my non-existant triplets.

    Honestly, I don’t know about how your experience in the hospital with Cakie was, but after our hell time in our own Motel 6 hospital, I’m convinced that the postpartum care is more important than the labor and delivery care. Weird, I know, but you can always plan to stay away during as much of your labor as possible — but once that baby’s born they hold it HOSTAGE until such a time as THEY deem to release you, so you might as well be comfortable.

    Is there any way you could get Midwife Gold to get rights to deliver at your preferred hospital?

  3. Bri

    Is it a local hospital near me? Has a religion as a name? If so, I had a really good experience with postpartum care, as did the 3 friends who delivered there before me in the last year.

  4. alli k

    we found that the nurses mattered as much or more than the doctor/midwife (we had a doctor, because we liked our doctor). if the midwife is that important to you, though, then i think you will be really stressed out if you don’t have her, which makes me inclined to say go for the midwife if you can.

  5. I honestly don’t know what I would do – the care you receive throughout the pregnancy is also of utmost importance in my opinion… never having given birth though – I can’t imagine what would be important during labor and delivery…

    So glad the RE bills worked out!!

  6. I wish I had the right answer. My wife would probably say “go for the Motel 6 option, what difference would it make?” but I would say “what if I am 100% comfortable with the Ritz midwife? Isn’t that the most important thing?”
    I agree with checking into a flex spending account at work. Maybe it will help alleviate the affordability problem?
    If you can meet the midwife and see if you click before you make one decision or the other…?

  7. Wow, I have no idea. I would honestly go with your gut feeling. It’s usually right.

    I hope it all works out for you, and you get exactly what you want!

  8. Co

    I hated our hospital experience. My experience was more annoying than truly bad. I suspect pediatric residents are overly cautious and anxious to stick needles in newborn’s feet for no good reason and unwilling to take “no” for an answer. My best friend’s experience at the same hospital was horrific, in part, b/c she had a C-sec unplanned which meant our MW was no longer her primary and no one at the hospital could figure out which doc “was” responsible for her, so she was in severe pain and had a fever for hours post-surgery b4 anyone looked in on or took care of her. The hospital was way disorganized.

    I have to say that I think MW trumps hospital though. I had an amazing experience with our MWs (who I know sadly aren’t available whn you’re due)… I had excellent prenatal care that I felt good about plus a great L&D experience. The postpartum stuff and pediatric stuff — annoying as it was — was only 36 hours. Prenatal visits are a big chunk of your pregnancy, especially at the end, so I’d count them into your equation.

    Good luck. It sucks when things come down to money.

  9. I agree with Lo about that it sucks when decisions are made based on money. If the hospital with the word college is in it – i have some not so good news. Otherwise I have heard good things about the more local one.
    Otherwise, happy to “hear” your pregnancy is going so well.

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