My Other Wife

The midwife, that is.

I called my insurance and I called the catastrophe people.  They assured me that pregnancy was not a pre-existing condition.

So we happily made our way to the orientation for my possible midwife on Wednesday.  It was strange and wonderful.  Wonderful because it was in the same space where we had our childbirth classes when A was pregnant.  This class wasn’t just a class.  It was like the floodgate to parenting.  What I mean is, we met six amazing couples there.  Two years later we are still friends.  And the instructor made us watch about a hundred birth videos.  I mean, we had to watch one every time we went.  You have to bond with people who watch that many exploding vaginas with you.  There just isn’t a choice.  It was also wonderful because I fell in love with the midwife.  She’s very matter-of-fact, but in a wry and funny way.  Those are my favorite types of people, frankly.

It was strange because she went through every little thing that will happen when I give birth.  I mean, every step for both natural and c-sections.  (This was an orientation for about seven other women as well.)  It was strange because it was like going back to the hospital with A.  I won’t go into details, but it was not a great experience.  I have been dreading a similar thing happening at my birth.  So it was like I was transported back to that time.  I spent a good portion of the orientation trying not to cry.   The best thing is, though, that no matter what happens in my birth, this midwife won’t leave me.  She’ll stay there even for a c-section.  (God-willing that does not happen!)  So the things I most feared kind of vanished.  They just lifted off my shoulders.

I got the application for the catastrophe insurance today.  Guess what it says?  Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition.  Lovely, eh? I’m going to call them on Monday.  I don’t know why she’d say it wasn’t a pre-existing condition if it actually is one.  Now I have to find some way to get a couple thousand bucks, quick.  Any suggestions?  I must have this midwife.



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3 responses to “My Other Wife

  1. Bri

    The insurance stuff sounds like a big pain – so sorry,

    My midwife was by my side for the c-section and it was awesome.

  2. sn

    insurance sucks. though clearly i’m thankful to have it, and it’s better than nothing. none of the nyc midwives are covered by my insurance, so if we choose to use a midwife, we’ll pay a lot more…plus second parent adoption and all the other expensiveness. ugh.

    your childbirth class sounds amazing–could i ask you to email me the info? thanks so much.

  3. Lo

    I’m so glad to hear how good this midwife made you feel. She’s obviously the right decision.

    So you need the thousand bucks. Perhaps you could charge people to witness the cuteness that is Cakie?? That’s entertainment…

    (and SN, there are midwives in NYC who accept insurance — we used some! –, though you might be talking about something specific that I know nothing about in which case please ignore me)

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