Calves: They Aren’t Just Baby Cows Any More

So I got this terrible Charlie Horse in my calf about five nights ago.  Apparently this is a pregnancy thing.  It is still sore.  It is as though I injured myself training for the sleep Olympics or something.  I told my friend Nelly when I went to squish her new baby P, and she said she had terrible calf muscle issues with her first baby.  When she started having them with Baby P, her new midwife told her to take calcium magnesium just before bed.  She no longer had any problems with it.  Cool.  So in addition to unloading a whole bag of groovy summer maternity clothes on me, she gave me the rest of her calmag pills!  I thought I’d pay it forward by letting all you pregnant and soon-to-be pregnant women know about the calf relief.  Wahoo.  Thanks, Nelly.

I also got to squish Baby Jo of the Familyo yesterday.  He’s way cute.  I decided he looks like a movie star, but I couldn’t put my finger on which one.  Now I think he looks like a cross between a young Christopher Reeve and Ewen McGregor without the mole.  Both Co and Lo seem to be settling well into new mom life.

Yesterday was a good day.  (Until I got ill from eating very very wrong food, but that’s a different story.  I choose to focus on the positive.)



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4 responses to “Calves: They Aren’t Just Baby Cows Any More

  1. Thanks for telling everyone about the “calmag”. I had heard that preggo women get charlie horses – but didn’t think there was anything out there to prevent them…..Good to know!!!

  2. Lo

    aw thanks! we’re flattered by the comparison.

  3. One more thing… my nutritionist friend says that eating bananas can help, too. Unfortunately I had that banana muffin incident that has shied me away from anything banana for the time being. Maybe in a few weeks or so.

  4. Happy New year to you & your calves!

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