It Has A Nose! (Or… the post with too many exclamation points!)

Yesterday I got to bond with Little Big No-name Fetus. Yeah, she’s a fetus now! I’m going to use feminine pronouns for her, and this is why: I had a strong feeling it was a boy, I had a dream it was a boy, but when I saw its face… it was so pretty. So even if she’s a boy, she’s a very pretty one.

Anyway, I went for my nuchal translucency screen yesterday. For those of you who don’t know, it is a screen to measure the risk of downs syndrome or trisomy 18. Mind you, I am pro-choice. I choose to keep this baby unless it has something that will kill it before it hits elementary school. I wasn’t really worried about that, I just wanted to have an ultrasound so I could see the little dickens and this seemed like a good excuse. As the test got closer, though I started to worry about my fetus’s largeness. What if the thing that is making it large is fluid behind its neck? In the waiting room with the other three women doing the screen we all bonded over how unexpectedly worried we were.

When we finally got into the ultrasound room, the technician asked if it was my first ultrasound. I laughed and said, this is the first one where I get to keep my pants on!

I have no words for that fetus. She was just so…formed. She had a nose! Ears! Legs and arms! Her jaw kind of looked like a beak until I got used to looking at her. She was pretty calm, but she was facing down, so the tech kept making me cough to try to encourage her to turn over. She did cool tricks! She waved at us and sucked her thumb. She did a slow and steady Tai Chi move with her right arm. She did a scary looking kick that made me a little nervous about the third trimester. She was a superstar. Oh, and she has my chin. My honey thought that was silly, I’m pretty sure. But I am used to reading things written by six-year-olds. (For example, I W Ta Da Be means I went to the beach.) I think this skill carries over to deciphering ultrasounds. When we saw Cakie’s ultrasound, I insisted that he was incredibly cute. My honey did not believe me. But ask anyone who has met the Cake Man. Pretty. Darn. Cute. I digress. This fetus has my chin. Mark my words. I’m hoping it doesn’t get my family schnoz, however.

When the baby finally decided to cooperate, the tech took her measurements and said, “The measurements are within the normal range.” The weirdest thing happened. I let out this sigh, I did not know I was harboring. I think this kid is big. Doc Mug said my due date was July 13. The OB said July 8. This new ultrasound said July 6! So she’s big for her age. The hospital considers me to be twelve weeks and five days pregnant today. Even though I know that today is exactly ten weeks from the date I ovulated with the sperm in there, I think I’m going to make the mental switch to the new due date. After all, the sooner she comes, the more time I’ll have with her during the summer. I just hope I don’t get unneccesarily induced because of the due date. I think I’ll argue with them if it comes down to that.

I go back to my OB on Monday, hopefully for the last time. On Wednesday we will go to the orientation for my new midwife. I have to call my insurance company to see if they will pay for her. Apparently, I need to have catastrophic insurance and to tell them that the birth is my catastrophe. Nice, huh?

On February 15 I get to find out if I’m using the correct pronoun.

PS I don’t have a scanner, or I’d show you the little darling.



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11 responses to “It Has A Nose! (Or… the post with too many exclamation points!)

  1. Yippee! Congratulations on getting all good news from the ultrasound – and on getting a peek at your bee-oo-ti-ful baby.

    Also – borrow a scanner – we want to see!

  2. Yahoo! I’m so glad you got to see your baby!!

  3. Lo

    you need a scanner. flipper was cute at his nuchal, too, and he turned out to be cute. 🙂 sooo glad results were normal!

  4. tbean

    Yay for all the good news and great pics of the little one!

  5. congratulations!!! i can’t wait to see sparky, post-bean sized.

    someone needs to get you a scanner, sister…


  6. owlie

    congratulations on a good scan and pretty babies!!
    yipeeee… only four weeks until mine!

  7. Awesome! I want to see the picture!

  8. catastrophic insurance? That’s awful.

    perfect, chin-proud, pretty fetus? That’s thrilling.

    Congrats on being such a happy mom and making such darling babies.


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