Weird Baby Dream, Part II

I had a dream that I gave birth to a son.

He was taller than Cakie, who is two.

He had blond hair and looked like Dennis the Menace.

We named him Stewart.

The weirdest part of the dream was not that my bi-racial son had blond, straight hair, or that he was taller than my tall two-year-old at birth.

The weirdest part is that we named him “Stewart.” That’s just not going to happen. (No offense to any Stewarts out there. It is just not a name on any list we currently have.)



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3 responses to “Weird Baby Dream, Part II

  1. Lo

    Co dreamed once that she gave birth to a toddler. weird stuff.

  2. nelly

    maybe it was the tiny, male incarnation of martha stewart!

  3. wow! dreaming about birthing a bigger-than-two-year-old sounds like a nightmare. but maybe the boy part is telling! dreams are so odd..

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