Double Eek!

The midwife I wanted is booked for July.

I’m afraid I’ve waited too long.  New York is cut-throat, man.

So I called a midwife who I like, but I don’t like her hospital.  Waiting to hear back from her.  Cross your toes.

PS Go see pictures of my new sexy kitchen at momtourage!



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4 responses to “Double Eek!

  1. Bri

    I switched to midwives at 24 weeks, away from an OB at Roosevelt. I interviewed Blau.stein and liked her but they didn’t take my insurance and the PS ones did. Plus the convenience factor was huge. But I was horrified by the hospital they use at first. I have had multiple bad experiences in their ER. But this was nothing like that. It was smooth and fine. Busy, crowded, but if you are nice to nurses, nurses in any hospital will be nice to you. I had a fabulous experience. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

  2. I can never comment on the TTC stuff because I have never been through it and am so afraid of saying the wrong thing but I did take a peek at your new kitchen! Sleek, sexy, gorgeous!

  3. Ugh! Keeping fingers and toes crossed!

  4. I’m crossed too! Hope it works out. LOVE the kitchen! Nothing beats a tupperwear drawer.

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