10 Weeks! Lo hicimos.

For those of you who don’t have toddlers, or who do, but have the willpower to not allow the child to watch TV, you might not get this.  But I’m going to do a little Dora the Explorah dance for you all right now:

Do do do do do do do do

We did it!  We did it!  We did it! Yeah!

Lo hicimos!

We did it.  We did it, horray!

We got knocked up and we stayed that way, yeah we did it!

Yay! Woooo horray!  We did it. 

Doc Mug said if I made it to ten weeks I was probably in the clear.  And here I am.  10 weeks.  Now it feels very real.

Of course, since he told me I’d be in the clear at ten weeks, I had to go and start telling people yesterday. Telling is fun.  People scream and hug you.  Especially if one has had fertility issues coupled with the inability to keep one’s piehole shut about it.  It is nice to see my friends and co-worker’s relief when they hear the news.  It is far more reassuring than that very faint ghosty second line was back on Halloween.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going up to the roof with a megaphone now.  Laters.

PS Speaking of “Lo hicimos,”  congratulations to Co and Lo and baby Flipper on Flipper’s new surroundings, aka, outside of Co.  Go Flippy, Go!  Welcome to the world, little man.



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4 responses to “10 Weeks! Lo hicimos.

  1. watch me do the dora twist!

    happy 10 weeks! if you’re 10 weeks, why that means i’m 14! i think i’m just starting to wake up for the first time since october!

  2. W00t! Party in OOHM’s uterus!

  3. Lo

    wheeee!!!! Telling people is the most fun ever. Well. Besides having baby here…

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