Big Ups to Nelly

My real-life former TTC buddy, Nelly, gave birth to an 8 lb. 7 oz. baby girl this morning.  In her house!

She’s a rock star.

I’m her number-one fan.

I am impressed by the whole home-birthing feat she accomplished.  I would like to fancy myself someone who could also accomplish such a feat.  Especially because I pretty much hate a lot of the policies hospitals inflict on pregnant women so they won’t get sued.  I’m too chicken to actually do it, I think.  But I have envisioned a birthing pool in my foyer now and again.

What do you guys think of home birth?



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10 responses to “Big Ups to Nelly

  1. Sounds like your friend’s experience was beautiful but for me, I think it would be scary. I had my daughter eighteen years ago and I still remember the experience… they say you forget … yikes!

    I think it is nice to know that if you, god forbid, have something go wrong, that someone is there to help you and your baby…

    I am sorry for this opinion… usually I am much more positive!!! =)

  2. Lo

    I will seriously consider it if I get to have a turn. I was born at home myself.

    I cannot help but notice that everyone is having babies BUT MY WIFE.


  3. alli k

    The father of my child said, “Tell her she’s fucking crazy.” I won’t tell you that, because I think home birth could be really great, but…. Having been though it, I think it might be good to preserve the option of getting the epidural. And I say that even though I was very angry at how certain aspects of my care were handled.

  4. I’m a homebirthing mom who transferred to the hospital for exhaustion (this is the most common reason for homebirthing moms to tranfer, btw) and I can tell you that the hospital is much scarier. And also that things that might make you need or want the tools available in a hospital, if they come up you’ll have time to transfer.

    If you’re interviewing midwives, for homebirth or hospital birth, ask whether they have admitting privileges or whether they’re bound by a doctor’s protocols when they work in a hospital. Midwives are still a better option for low-risk women, even if they are bound by a doctor’s protocols, but it’s something you should know.

  5. Our midwifery practice does homebirths. I think they are a really nice option even though we have no real desire to have one ourselves – of course, we’re a bit spoiled b/c the birth center is so homey: it’s like we’re goign to be at home only we don’t have to worry about renting the tub or cleaning up. We will even get to go home 10-12 hours after baby is born.

    There are, however, so many women there who choose home birth, and everyone I’ve talked to is happy she chose the option. Our midwife gave us the best advice: the best reason for having a home birth is because you want one. (If so, I say GO FOR IT!!)

  6. sn

    you may want to check out the movie “the business of being born” which contrasts hospital, birthing center and home births. it’s clearly got a home birthing angle, but yup, i’m too chicken to do that too.

  7. I agree with Sara. We’ll be at a birth center, but it’s quite small and homey. Fire place, quilts on the beds, big birthing tubs, etc. I think the biggest difference between a doctor and a midwife is that a doctor delivers your baby for you and a midwife helps you deliver your own baby. I’m sure there are wonderful doctors and terrible midwives out there, but as a philosophy, I think it holds true. I worked for a midwife for 6 months as an intern and loved it. I also worked as a nursing assistant in a hospital during high school, including in OB, and saw many births and c-sections. The difference was unbelievable. Research all your options and just do what makes you most comfortable! Don’t let yourself get scared. Women birth their own babies everyday, everywhere. To each her own. I’m sure you’ll make a wise decision that is best for your situation. Good luck!

  8. Bri

    much. too. messy.
    signed, lover of western medicine

  9. I plan on it when our TTC is successful. I would go for it.

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