What I Didn’t Want To Be When I Grew Up

People ask you that question a lot when you’re little.  I think mostly because grown-ups aren’t sure what to talk about with little kids.

My answer always changed.  I distinctly remember in second grade saying “a teacher and a mother.”  Pretty spot on.  My goals got loftier: Broadway performer, world-famous architect, published poet/lecturer.

Never in all my days did I aspire to be what I am today.  What am I, you ask?  I am a useless lump.  I know, I know, I’m not useless, I’m creating another human being which is a huge and important job, blah, blah, blah.  When I can sit on my arse and watch my honey clean our whole wretched house and I can’t even stop our son from pulling things out of the trash can… I feel pretty useless.

My honey is doing so much stuff with Cakie, that he now prefers her.  He doesn’t even want me to put him to bed. (It could be worse, it could be the other way around at bedtime.)  I knew to expect the parent preference stage.  I just didn’t know that it would come at a time when I was also a useless lump.   I thought I would take it in stride.  But I also didn’t know that it would come at a time in which I have little-to-no control over my emotional state.

Anyway, this is what my honey said to Cake (who has not been told about his upcoming sibling… we don’t plan to discuss it until I’m around five months and starting to show, and he’s a little older and more able to understand,) “You may want Mama now, but as soon as Mommy starts nursing that baby there won’t be anybody on the planet you will want more.”

Did I mention that my honey is not only a genius, but an angel, too?  I did want to be “married” to the best person in the world for me when I grew up.  Again, I was spot on.



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6 responses to “What I Didn’t Want To Be When I Grew Up

  1. dude, i am such a lump that i’m amazed i’m able to comment on your blog today. wow.

  2. owlie

    another lump over here, in fact i think i am lumpier because i can’t even watch other people do stuff for me, because if i am still i am asleep!!

  3. nelly

    lump count up to three!

  4. I was a lump too – i’ve just finally stopped being a complete lump…. I’m still lumpy after 730 pm, though. Honey is a fantastic wife!

  5. Co

    I realize I am in a way different pregnancy stage than you are, but I am a big lump now. I ask Lo repeatedly why I am SO tired at 5 fricking p.m. and she says, “Honey, you’re 9 months pregnant.” Still, I don’t think it’s a good enough excuse.

    It’ll pass. Look forward to that energy-filled 2nd tri.

  6. What a sweetheart your honey is! I’m sure Cake will indeed sway in preference back and forth and you will indeed take it in stride eventually. No worries. It’s ok to be a bit lumpy. But I wish you many light months ahead!

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