The New TWW

TTC sucked.  I would not go back for all the world.  (Unless I had to, knock wood.)

I was not prepared, however, for a whole new rhythm of waiting.  I mean, I’ve done my share of waiting… the two weeks to find out I wasn’t pregnant and the following two weeks waiting to try again — eleven times.

Now the T in TWW stands for twelve.  As in, the end of my first trimester.  I have been extremely lucky, in that I have not had much morning sickness at all.  My only real bout of nausea came the day after a brazen encounter with a Halloween-sized box of “Grape Heads” candies (cousin to the more popular Lemon Heads.)  Yeah.  I was sick all day and completely useless to the world.  I won’t do that again.  Now I’m not sick and completely useless to the world.  I’m slowly but surely counting down the days until 12 weeks are up.

Last night we had a seven week ultrasound and good-bye fest with Dr. Mug.  Tears were shed.  Joyful ones, thank God.   When he turned on the ultrasound machine where I couldn’t see it, he first said, “Let me just take some measurements, then I’ll let you see. Pregnant pause. The size is… tap tap tap… perfect.”  Perfect! “The heartbeat… perfect.  Very strong.” A keeps teasing me that Dr. Mug just knows my buzz words because I’ve been talking about my perfect embryo ever since.  I threatened to whip out the ultrasound photo on the subway and yell, “Behold my perfect embryo!”

As you may know, I don’t have a scanner.  You may re-create my perfect embryo’s ultrasound photo quite easily.  Take a sheet of black construction paper.  Draw a white circle in the center.  Pour about a tablespoon of salt into the circle.  Shake it around a bit.  That’s what she looks like!  Gorgeous, eh?

Anyway, one of the best things about this doctor visit was the way Dr. Mug was talking.  He said, “You just have to wait to ten weeks and you’re in the clear.”  Ten weeks?  WTF?  “I thought it was twelve!”  “Everything looks so good, if all continues to go well for the next three weeks, I think you’ll be in the clear.”  Wahoooooo!!  He even said he’d be really surprised if anything went wrong at this point.   I know, I hope he’s not getting too cocky.  But honestly, when one has tried for so long to get pregnant, the idea of miscarriage can be a little consuming and overwhelming.  Though I know it can still happen, I feel far more relaxed than I did yesterday.  I may even go as far as saying I feel confident.  🙂

The new TWW for me is ten weeks.  Which, minus the seven I have already waited is three.  A Three Week Wait?  That I can handle.



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9 responses to “The New TWW

  1. Lo

    Waiting for Flipper, which is the who knows??wait, is killing me. (I know you didn’t exactly have to wait for Cakie.)
    Your embryo sounds like she looks just like Flipper! wow. quelle coincidence.

  2. your embryo sounds like s/he could be sparky’s twin! weird!

    i hear you on the tww. i’m at 11 weeks now, and have been consumed by fear that sparky is not alive. there is no rationality to my thinking–it’s just that long gap between my 6 week u/s and waiting until next week to finally hear the heartbeat. a lot of mindf*ck radio happens in all those weeks of silence.

    h keeps reminding me that 1. i’ve had no m/c symptoms whatsoever, and 2. i’m still supersuper sick.

    everything’s okay. everything’s okay.
    and based on your dr’s prognosis, i just have one more week to wait. thanks!

    glad to see you post btw. 🙂

  3. pee ess tell sufjan i said hello.

  4. Great news! We felt the same way once we saw our little one on screen too. Yahoo!

  5. I don’t know. Are you sure it’s not an alien baby? If it’s really your spawn, shouldn’t it be making you crave sweets and caffeine?

    I am surprised you can wait three weeks. The OOHMs I know always had a lot of trouble waiting for things she wanted. But I guess being a mommy has to make you grow up somewhat. ;o)

  6. That sounds, well, perfect!

    Three weeks is not too long in the grand scheme of things.


  7. Co

    Hurray for everything looking perfect!

    Yeah, I think R.E.’s don’t discharge you unless they think it looks really good for the lil’ embryo. There are no guarantees in pregnancy, of course, not even when you’re as far along as I am, but it is a huge relief to get past those initial weeks because the odds just improve so dramatically in the embryo’s favor.

    Glad you’re not suffering much. That’s a bonus.

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