Pregnancy Nose

The world smells different to me now.

The lobby of my building = sewage

A cafeteria full of children = one collective huff of bad breath

Walking down the stairs behind fifth graders = the Giants’ locker room after a game (but the showers are broken)

My empty elevator = Old Spice

My kitchen =  smells like looking into the trash can with a nasal magnifying glass (not to mere mortals, mind you.)

Ah, the joy.  All for a good cause, of course.



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6 responses to “Pregnancy Nose

  1. Ok, I am not pregnant but live with that nose allllllll day, everyday. I have a heightened sense of smelll……………!

  2. Lo

    Fifth graders DO smell like that. and seventh graders………whew.

  3. julia

    i’m surprised you can’t smell the lady downstairs from you coming up from the radiators! man, she really douses herself with perfume. we call her “rose.”
    hope you had a good t-day!

  4. I’m glad I’m not a teacher!

  5. Too funny, but not for you of course. Maybe some menthol cream under the nose? Kidding.

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