A Baby and A Book

Was it Gertrude Stein or Adrienne Rich who said, “A book is not a baby is not a book?”

Well this non-bio lesbian mom book is certainly not going to be a baby.  And my embryo will hopefully not develop into a book in my womb.  Yet they are related. At some point in my youth, probably when I was in college, I made a very short list of things I wanted to do before I die.  I mean, life goals, not stuff like “ride in a hot air balloon over the mesas of New Mexico,” though that would be on my other such list.

Here’s my life goals list:

1. Have a baby

2. Publish a book

I’m feeling pretty jazzed that so many of you want to be interviewed and want to buy the book.  It has really jump started me into action.

Now I just need to purchase a device that will record phone interviews and some index cards and we’re off!

Thanks, grrrrrls.



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7 responses to “A Baby and A Book

  1. Lo

    If you need info about the phone interview device I can help. 🙂

  2. Please do. I was just going to go to gaydio shack, or do an internet search… but if you can hook me up, I’m all ears.

  3. Not that we are mommas yet, but maybe I could offer something to you. Let us know.

  4. amy

    i meant to comment in your original post requesting folks interested in being interviewed. my partner is a non-bio mom of our daughter and would love to take part and i hope to be the non-bio mom of a future child very soon. we will start the journey for baby #2 in the next few months and our hope is that my partner will carry our next one.

    congrats on your #2 btw, i believe i’ve already said that in a previous post but it’s not something that you can get sick of hearing i don’t think…

  5. I’m sure my girl would help you out with an interview once I’m pregnant…….and have the baby!

    I think it’s awesome that you’re going to write a book!

  6. Hey, I actually have a phone recorder that records to cassette tape somewhere around here. I stopped using it when I switched to computer recording for my consultations, so you can use it if you want to.

    Alternately, if you want advice on how to set up your computer so you can take calls on it and record them, I can do that too.

    Hey, I’m good for something!

    Have a great Thanksgiving! :o)

  7. Pi


    I happened upon your blog today while searching up sites for non-bio moms. If you’re still looking for lesbian, non-bio moms to interview, I’d like to volunteer. If not, well– thanks for helping to fill the void for non-bio moms.

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