bellydancing on the floor

I am out of shape.

Considering I will soon be carrying an extra 20-something pounds around, I decided to finally go to that yoga class.  As you can see from this previous post, it is something I have meant to do for quite some time.

Of course I had to go a pre-natal class.  On the way there, I got a little excited… pre-natal!  Prenatal!  I’m doing something pre-natal.  Once I got there, I felt a little like a non-pregnant lady crashing a pregnant-lady party.  As the instructor said when I told her I was, “just a little pregnant,”  there is no such thing.

It was a good thing for me, I think.  I got to get all in touch with my pelvic floor and to practice squatting.  There was a lot of gyration.  I also got to say, “I’m pregnant,” out loud not because I’m telling someone I know or because I’m trying to convince myself that it is true, but because everyone had to tell the class how pregnant we were.  (I was the only person under 21 weeks.  Lots of bellies!)

It is weird being the second bio-mom.  On one hand I feel like I’ve been through this whole pregnancy thing before.  I definitely have been through the newborn thing before.  But I am very used to thinking of A as the pregnant one.  My brain is stuck on feeling like a non-pregnant expectant parent.

Speaking of non-bio moms, I am finally going to write that book.  Yes, ladies.  The one you’ve been looking for in the bookstores and libraries… the handbook for the non-bio lesbian mom.  So I need your help.  If you, or someone you know would be willing to be interviewed for the book (you can remain anonymous if you choose) please let me know via comments, and I’ll contact you.  I want any kind of non-bio lesbian moms including those who partner with someone who already has kids, those who are reluctant at first, those who identify as more of a “baba” or lesbian papa kind of parent.  I want the gamut.  So let me know.  It needs to be written, no?  Yes.  (I already know about “The Other Mother” by Arlyn H.  This would be more guide-booky and less anecdotal.  But still anecdotal a bit because anecdotes are fun to read.)  Ok.  Thanks, chicas.

I need to do something with all my writing energy now that I’m only blogging every three or four days, rather than one-to-two times a day!



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6 responses to “bellydancing on the floor

  1. h is still a little unsure if she wants to be interviewed or not. she’s dealing with a lot of shame around her feelings, but once she moves out of that into ‘oh, i’m normal’, maybe she’ll be willing to talk…

  2. Erin

    I’m in. erirish1 at

  3. oooo – I am so glad to hear that. ‘The book’ is seriously missing in our household and I was thinking we’d have to write it…yay!

  4. Lo

    Hurry up. You have 3 weeks. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

  5. alli k

    It’s about time you wrote a book.

    Go to as many pre-natal yoga classes as you can. It helped me a lot. I really missed it when I couldn’t go anymore because of scheduling issues.

  6. I would be interviewed!
    hollykr1976 at yahoo dot com

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