Please Come Out of the Closet

Ok, I have a little request.

If I know you in real life, and you know that I’m knocked up, please tell me.

No need to go through any charades of both of us pretending that embryonic elephant is not in the room.




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5 responses to “Please Come Out of the Closet

  1. Lo

    All right. I’ll fess up. I know. (Sorry……I know how you feel.)

  2. julia

    OK, OK you got me! I didn’t want to say anythjng until you said something. Consider the charade over – the elephant has trumpeted! Congrats1 I’m super-happy for you!

  3. A-Ha! I knew you knew when you didn’t offer me any wine all night. Usually I’m the book club lush. I want to surprise some people two months from now, but not if they already know. Thanks for fessing up!

  4. nelly

    i know i know i know i know!

  5. I know! I’ve been meaning to call you and check in, but I had to go away for a family visit. Let’s talk soon! XO

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