That means “little hope” in Spanish.  As in, I’m actually getting a little.

I don’t want it, though.  Damn it.  In this TWV business, hope is a thing with razors as far as I’m concerned.

But here’s the thing.  I cramped like crazy for days 6,7 and 8 po.  I usually don’t cramp until day 9. (Then again, I don’t usually go on the pill and then shoot myself up with ovary-stimulating hormones, either.) Day 9? That’s today.  Did I cramp today?  No.  I did not cramp today.

Was it implantation?  Maybe. When I reminded my honey that I had cramped for three days, she gasped and said, “Did all three of the mature eggs implant?”  I’ll take one or two, thanks.  I sure enjoyed re-reading Oh Chicken’s posts about her implantation cramping.  Those are the exact cramps I had.

So I’m just going to open myself up to a leeeeeeetle teeeeeeeny ray of hope for this cycle.  But that’s it, damn it.  Enough of this Pollyanna-doodle-all-day big I-think-I’m-pregnant secretive grin crap!  I am not going to go there.  And that’s final.



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6 responses to “Esperanzita

  1. I started a new job and am not leaving comments like I usually do but I wanted you to know I am thinking of you guys and I REALLY hope this is the month for you 🙂

  2. i am going to do a some hoping for you.

  3. tengo mucha esperanza para ti.
    oy, my spanish is so rusty.

    may you soon be as sick and whiny as i am now…


  4. I will be holding out hope for you as well.

  5. I say hold on to that hope shamelessly. I’ll do the same for you.

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