It Is Soooooo Hard…

…to not twinge when one is buckled over in pain on one’s bed for three hours.  This is my third day of laying-in-bed menstrual-like cramps.  In a normal cycle I do not cramp until day 9.   I started cramping at day 6.  Last month, I did injectionables as well, and I didn’t cramp at all.  I just had the sore boobs.

I know this much, if I am pregnant, I’m going right out to invest in some new bras.  These training bra-like things I usually wear are not cutting it.  Ouch!

If you know Superman, could you ask him to fly around the earth really fast so many times that it makes it spin faster and I can get this wait over-with.  I’m too tired of everything.

(That’s right, I said “wait.”  I’m no longer on vacation.   Unless you call this Monteczuma’s revenge.)




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3 responses to “It Is Soooooo Hard…

  1. Oh, I like the two week vacation thingy so much better than the TWW. Please don’t give in. Your my inspriation!

    I was hoping to use the TWV after my next round of injectables, but I know it is soo damn hard. Maybe the pain is a good sign, but I am no expert. I do know that it ain’t over til it’s over, so I am still hopeful about this cycle.

    Oh, and if you want some recommendations on acceptable bra brands to wear while shooting yourself up, just let me know. I bought a ton of new ones after my last injectable cycle for exactly the same reason.


    I’m still keeping the faith.


  2. I’m still keeping the faith too. I’m so sorry this 2ww is so brutal.

  3. alli k

    Wacoal makes some great wireless bras that provide excellent support. Pricey, but if you can afford them, worth every penny.

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