A Little Better

Today I felt a little less mean.

I was a little less stressed.

I also felt crampy like I’m going to get my period.  I actually checked when I went to the bathroom.

I’m trying not to twinge, so I’m thinking that it is an injectionable thing.

Thanks for telling me I don’t look old.  Especially my mom, who is thirty years older than me and doesn’t actually look old.  I do look a bit ragged after a long crying jaunt, however.

Thanks everybody!



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4 responses to “A Little Better

  1. alli k

    If you look old, then I look old, and I refuse to believe that I look old. Therefore, you do not look old!!

  2. PS I feel VERY VERY crampy. Like laying-down-because-it-hurts crampy. WTF?

  3. i know you don’t want to get your hopes up. but those were the very same cramps i had and asked wtf about. my fingers are crossed with so much hope.


  4. I’m so hoping for BFPs for both of us this time around. Sending you positive vibes.

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