Thanks to the Injectionables

Day 5 po

I have lost my ever-loving mind.

I will cry and hate myself over the dumbest things.  This morning I couldn’t find five spelling tests that I actually took home in my jeans pocket last week.  I left the house calling myself an idiot and weeping.  I cried myself to sleep last night for no good reason.  A big part of it was because I don’t feel pregnant.  AND when I glanced in the mirror, I looked old.

I’ve pretty much lost all control of my emotions.  I don’t envy my honey.


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7 responses to “Thanks to the Injectionables

  1. nelly

    you so don’t look old.

  2. aw. just think it can only get better. =)

  3. goldengrrrl

    You don’t look old. You have the gene that keeps you looking young far far into the future.

  4. jay

    I can’t say you don’t look old because I don’t know what you look like, but you certainly don’t WRITE old. And that speaks volumes!

  5. vee

    Thank goodness it’s only two weeks! If you were an elephant, you’d be looking at a two month wait! But then youm wouldn’t likely be on injection hormones. And I’m not suggesting that you are in any way elephantine…. I think I’ll just shut up now!

  6. tbean

    man…that sucks. your post sounded so sad. I hope the hormones ease up on you soon!!!

  7. BTW I am really glad I’m not an elephant. Two months? Eeeek. That’s scarier than a mouse. Thanks, Vee

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