Day 3 po: Not Twinging, Just Whining

A general feeling of yuck has washed over me.

My boobs hurt and every time they get elbowed by my son or accidentally bumped into, I am reminded of how last month I fell for that pain hook, line and sinker.  I am reminded of the positive pregnancy test dreams I had one after the other the night before I got my period.  It doesn’t help the pain in my boobs feel any better.

My back hurts.  My feet hurt.  I’m bitchy.  I may as well already have my period.  OOOooh, and get this… this might be TMI, but if you’re reading my blog you must already be prepared for TMI.  You know when you hold your  too-full bladder for a really long time?  And then you finally get to go?  And it hurts as though your bladder had been stretched out of shape?  My ovaries feel that way.  They’ve felt that way for the last three days.  The poor dears.  I hope I didn’t do any permenent damage to them.

I have a theory about the bitchiness as well.  For me, the Menopur injectionables make me nice.  I’m happy and it is hard to piss me off when I’m taking them.  I think maybe I’m having Menopur WDs.  I just need one more fix.   My poor students have a hormone junky for a teacher.

11 more days of whining.  To top it all off, I’m trying to eat well because I have to write everything down for my nutritionist.  Eating well just makes me hungry.  I’m hungry.  No amount of nuts or oats seem to be filling me up, either.

I will conclude the whine-fest as I am even annoying myself.  It does feel good to say all of that, though and I even feel a little better. Thanks for listening.



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4 responses to “Day 3 po: Not Twinging, Just Whining

  1. Lo

    Well, I am hopeful. I am always hopeful.
    My sister gave me Name That Tune 80s edition DVD game. I look forward to kicking some butt with it….

  2. Just thought I would check on my tww twin to let you know that my boobs are KILLING me. They feel like raw giant melons just dragging me down. How do I sleep with these things!! Terrible. Mine is all thanks to the progesterone, which kills me every time. I’m not really a ‘twinger’ I must say, but I look forward to checking in on your progress over the next 10 days. ugh.

  3. I am hoping hoping hoping for you …

  4. tbean

    may time move quickly over the next week and a half for you

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