Amendment to Ice Cream Commandment

Ok, Ok.  She said if you already consume some dairy, make it whole fat instead of low-fat.   Then she linked this article to her email.  The article says to lower your caloric intake elsewhere in your diet if you should decide to go whole milk.  My nutritionist stressed the word “moderation.”  On top of that, my honey claims that chocolate syrup is probably not included in the findings of the study.  Can you believe all of this nonsense?  Oh well, I did say she was a good nutritionist, right?  She is.

PS My boobs hurt again, but I know now that that is a sham and an outrage.



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5 responses to “Amendment to Ice Cream Commandment

  1. nelly

    chocolate syrup has dairy in it, doesn’t it?!

  2. Lo

    I like your nutritionist and I intend to heed this advice….

  3. Chocolate syrup is indicated in just about any situation. Go with it.

  4. reproducinggenius

    I think that chocolate syrup AND whipped cream on top of icecream could ONLY make one more fertile.

  5. Only whole whipped cream, of course. Cream being the operative word.

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