My Nutritionist Says…

…eat ice cream!

My friend the nutritionist and I had our initial consultation last night.  She is awesome and has offered me her services for free.  She’ll meet with me twice a month and she said she’s even going to help me find a yoga class that fits my schedule.  I feel like a rock star.

Anyway, get this:  she just read a study that says that low-fat dairy foods have a connection to anovulatory infertility.  There goes my best-intention breakfasts of yogurt, granola, fresh fruit and nuts.  Apparently, whole-fat dairy products have the inverse effect, making one more fertile.  Of course I ovulate, so I don’t know that I qualify for the anovulatory infertility situation.  But I’m going to eat ice cream and whole milk just in case.  My nutritionist told me to do it.  So ladies, I guess we should all scream for ice cream.  Eat up!



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3 responses to “My Nutritionist Says…

  1. That is so crazy that you just brought this up. My friend told me the same thing on Thursday. You and I can eat ice cream together!

  2. Woo hoo! Now, how can I spin this data to support the need for me to have ice cream tonight, as my eggs are dropping, and right between our two IUIs for the cycle?

  3. Just repeat after me: ice cream makes babies! Ice cream makes babies! ICE CREAM MAKES BABIES! No need to spin. 🙂

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