Hookey Day!

Yesterday I went in for the ultrasound and he told me we’d do the IUIs today and tomorrow. This has been such a crazy week that I decided to take today off as a mental health/possibly buckled over in ovulation pain day.

My honey and I went into Manhattan for the insem. We waited the obligitory 3 hours for the 30 second procedure. I’m glad it took 30 seconds. And NO TENACULUM! I am determined to never let that thing touch me again. (Let’s see what happens tomorrow!) He said that I have 3 mature follicles. I like it. Not too many, not too few. Juuuuust right.

I have also decided to not even call this a two week wait. This one is going to be my two week vacation. So when I write TWV, that’s what I’m talking about. I am on vacation from early-morning trips on the F and A trains. I’m on vacation from the ultrasound machine. I am on vacation from @#@$%^%$& needles. I vow not to get twingey. Unless I’m wretching all over the keyboard… expect a twinge-free two weeks. I want to focus on my health. So I’m going to speak with my nutritionist friend. I’m going to maybe try to get myself to a yoga class. You know, I’m going to distract myself.

BTW… some other blogger friends were harvesting for their IVF at the same time I got my IUI today and I swear some of the positive energy being sent their way stopped off in my doctor’s office as well. Thanks for that.

Another BTW, no ovulation pain yet.  But I’m kind of used to waiting for stuff.  I just hope the bulk of it comes before I have to teach tomorrow.  I’m really glad we’re doing two insems this time.  Gooooo Lefty.



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8 responses to “Hookey Day!

  1. Good Luck!!!

    We’re doing 2 IUIs this month as well. I have an ultrasound tomorrow, so we’re hoping for a trigger tomorrow night and IUIs on Sat and Sun.

    Here’s hoping this is the magic month for both of us!

  2. Let’s chant it all together now: MAGIC MONTH! MAGIC MONTH! MAGIC MONTH.

  3. fingers crossed and a belly rub for good measure…

    here is to the best vacation ever…

  4. tbean

    love the positive attitude–reclaim that 2WW! I hope to be like you next month!

  5. YAY NO TENACULUM!! I have to have it every time I go in and it’s not something you get used too. Here’s to an enjoyable TWV!

  6. happy to share the love, and even happier that nasty tool did not have to touch your precious parts!

  7. go girl go.

    eff that nasty tenaculum and everything it stands for.

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