Ducks in a Row

I spent my grand on sperm.

My new batch of Menopur arrived this morning.

I went to see Dr. Mug this morning.  I have one 15mm follicle on my left side and five ones smaller than 10, and a 12mmer on the other side, and a few smaller than ten.

I am a little afraid of these drugs.  Last week I was a demon.  This week I am an angel.  I am happy and a little unflappable (in those moments when I don’t cry on a dime.)  It is weird how much of my mood is not really my own and so easily manipulated by drugs.  That said, I wish I could find something less expensive and ouchy that would make me have such a happy mood more often.  I like it.

I go back on Monday morning.  How I’ll give my boss advance notice of this, I have no idea.  Doc says the first insem might be on Wednesday.

It is my vow to not be twingy this time.  I now know that sometimes a twinge is just a twinge.  Sore boobs are just sore boobs.  Nausea is an ear infection.  Pregnancy will come when it comes and feeling fake symptoms will not do anything to make me more pregnant.



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3 responses to “Ducks in a Row

  1. nelly

    thinking of you……

  2. Co

    The drugs can make you crazy. Hang in there.

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